Searched the forum, PLEASE HELP, oil leak.

Hey guys, new to TT and proud new owner of 2001 DRZ 400E. I've searched the forum and other forums and cannot find the answer to my question. The black box(that everyone seems to want to remove) is leaking were it connects to the actual cylinder. There is a brass fitting the bottom hose coming from the black box on the right side to the cylinder connects to that looks like it should be one with the cylinder head. Anyways, this brass fitting is pulling out of the cylinder and causing a slight oil leak. Is this normal? If not how do I fix it because according to the schematics I see, they are not sold separately but sold as a unit with the cylinder. Thanks for any answers and I'm so happy to be a new member to this forum. I'll post a picture if someone needs it.

Sounds like the fitting has come loose. It is pressed in.

I would try some case sealer on the part that presses in asuming it will come right out of the cylinder.

Covered in detail a few days ago. Do a search.

Not a brass fitting. It is a pressed steel tube, pressed into the cylinder. If it is loose, remove it. Expand it a bit and reinstall with some sealer.

Thanks so much guys. I went back and searched the Drz 400 forum and typed probably 20 different words(not at the same time) and still can't come up with the previous thread. Any suggestions? Or a link:).

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