05 kx250f oil drain question

I have a 05 kx250f. Changed oil and there is a rubber washer on it. Long story short. Guess I tightened it a little to much and broke the washer. Went to advanced auto and bought some random washers that fit the bolt. And now after ridding for 8 hours today it is leaking. Is it cause its a crappy washer not rated for motorcycles? If that's even a possibility. Also have heard people talking about metal/copper crush washers do I use a crush washer with the rubber one or just the metal one? Do you recommend a metal one or is it just cause I had a "generic" rubber washer. Thanks a lot!)

just go to dealer n order the corect thing. hard to find crush washers

correct * sry hard to edit with my tablet

you need an alloy or copper washer.

do not use a metal one and do not over tighten the sump plug. you will end up stripping the thread

just nip it =) or better find out the torque setting. after you have done it a few times you will get the feel of it

Ok cool thanks. I knew the rubber washer wasn't the correct one but since guy did it before me I assumed it was correct noob error on my part. Going to the shop Tomm and get correct washer thanks a lot!

yea, I had to drill and tap my drain plug once due to it being striped I couldn't find a large enough crush washer after words. I had to end up taking a copper pipe i had and cuting a thing piece of it off to make my own "crush washer" it worked good and served its purpose for many years untill i sold the bike.

Ok cool. I'm hoping its not stripped. I think it may be just the rubber washer I'm using. Hopefully. Thanks a lot

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