1984 Honda XR200r Jet setting

Hello i have recently picked up and old 84 xr200r and the bike will not idle without the choke being on. it will idle very nice when i hold the choke quarter way but sputters and dies when i turn it fully off. I have all ready pulled the carb cleaned the Primary, Secondary and slow jets and still having the same problem. From what I have been reading thus far online my only option is to take it apart and clean again. I was wondering if installing new jets would help? Or if changing the spec of the jets. There is a #98 primary #95 Secondary and a #42 slow jet. I ordered a kit off Ebay for the 84 xr 200r and it comes with a #102 and a #45. I don't want to buy any more jets or kits until i know if i can change them and if i can change them with the #102 and #45 what size will i need for the remaning jet? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


Commom problem on older bikes that sit; small discharge ports become obstructed with debris.

Been there with 2 carb XRs, my story on carb cleaning. http://www.thumperta...796&postcount=1

And I found it easest to remove the carbs and manifold together out the left side of the bike.

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Thanks Chuck! I didn't see anything about the jet settings. If i go to a #102 primary and a #42 slow on the dual carb. What would be the best size for the secondary? Could i just reuse the #98 or the #95? sorry if this is a noob question im just getting my feet wet when it comes to this stuff!

Thanks again

That question has come up several times but I don't remember the jetting on those carbs and others haven't posted, a Honda service manual would have jetting.

I do remember that the primary and secondary carbs were jetted differently, and stock jetting was too lean.

Perhaps a post in the Jetting Forum would provide jetting info.

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