My friend has a 2004 kx 250 and when he bought it it had a bent subframe and he can't find a 2004 kx 250 subframe anywhere but there is a whole bunch of 2004 kx 250f subframes will they fit his bike?

im gonna say no.have you tried bending old one back in shape.take side plates off an stick a bar in there an pry.had same promblem on my 04 kx125,these subframes seam to bend easy.have a look at AC racing they make one.

or look here at part numbers an see what fits maybe kx125 will work.


250F wont fit. totally different chassis, seat, fender, airbox, etc.

Thanks guys!

Thanks guys! So is there any other subframe that can work on this bike I don't like the reviews on the acracing one and I can find any used ones

2003 & 2004 KX125 / KX250

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