1987 Warrior fuel and drain line sizes

I just completely customized my 87 Warrior powder coating the frame replacing all the bearings ect. I need to replace the old cracked fuel line and while I’m at it I would like to replace all the drain lines with some nice looking yellow lines to match the frame. This crab has 2 drain lines on the top and one on the bottom. The 2 things I can’t seem to figure out are.

  1. Can I eliminate the “pipe” from the bottom drain? (see illustration part 49). What is its purpose?
  2. What size lines are these? I can’t seem to look up the OEM specs for the fuel or drain lines. I can order OEM parts but the description does not tell me the Inside or outside diameters.



I wish I could just order a kit with all the lines included and maybe some new clamps.

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