The Brief Life of a $750 Helmet: KX250F Was Involved

This is more of a general topic, but I thought you might be interested, and it does involve a KX250F.

I have some real-world experience with an expensive product. It has been with us for two weeks. Then there was a crash. I edited the video as best I could to capture the crash. The quality is not good, which is annoying, but that's another story. The bikes were downhill WOT 4th gear so, it was pretty fast. You'll get that from the video. While I was not as concerned with filming after the accident, I had the camera in my hand, so why not?

So, there was a crash. It was bad. You'll see it as a puff of dust. Who caused it doesn't matter so much, and I don't know who did, but I know the other rider either got up or rode on. Thankfully. My son was a lump on the ground in the middle of the track. After the video you'll see, we left the track immediately. I know concussions take time to develop (from experience) and I wanted to be as close to an ER as possible when that happened. I knew it was going to happen.

It didn't happen. My son had a headache for a couple of minutes, then nothing. Looking at the outside of the helmet, you can see the scarring, but what struck me is the depth of the damage and the pattern. The scarring aligns to three separate impacts. The inside shell of the helmet was destroyed, with a clear break-away of the inner shell in the form of my son's head. The energy dissipation these guys talk about works exactly as they describe.

Now the helmet is an ornament. Totally spent. It served it's purpose, though.

I'm not one for hyperbole, but I thought my boy could have been dead because of that crash. The fact that he is going to school tomorrow . . . well, that's worth the money to me. Here is the documentary, so to speak. And, again, I KNOW the image quality is poor. I have great shots all day long, except for that exact moment. What's up with that? Anyway, FWIW, two weeks ago I was thinking I may have spent too much on a gimmick, now I look at that garbage on my kitchen table and think these 6D guys may be on to something.

Earlier in the day, #67 KX250F




Helmet After Crash Front


Helmet After Crash Side


Boy with Helmet Safe at Home


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WOW! Thanks for sharing and I'm so happy for everyone that your son is OK. I was on the fence of buying 6D helmet or exhaust for my bike....foolishly I bought the exhaust as it has done nothing for me other than being a bit quieter. I should have bought the 6D instead and now I will be buying one soon. $750 is cheap compared to the possible alternative!

Ride on...

Glad to see he is ok. I've raced that track many times and I know that that is one of the worst spots to crash. Very high speed with huge rocks to land on never makes for a nice crash. Looks like the helmet did it's job for sure!

Glad he's ok. Are you saying if he was wearing a 100$ helmet that he'd be dead?

Glad he's ok. Are you saying if he was wearing a 100$ helmet that he'd be dead?

Thanks. You mean a bicycle helmet? LOL No, I know what you mean. Truth is, I have no idea. I just know the one he had worked, thankfully . . .

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Obviously we have to be careful about speculating what could have happened given a different set of equipment. I focused on the 6D NOT because another helmet certainly would have failed, but because the 6D certainly did not fail. Its FYI for anyone considering one, not a comparison.

The Leatt brace did not fail, either. And both the chest protector and the brand new padded pants (thanks kxmotocross216!) did their job. I woudn't think anyone who takes this sport seriously would ride with what they believed was an inferior helmet. We ran the HJC CL-X6 (three of them actually) through a few crashes. This crash was the worst, though.

I have seen "minor" crashes put riders in the hospital with concussions, and I have never seen my son laying still on the ground for that long. So, when I say I was afraid that crash was capable of killing him, that's what I meant. Now Father and Son have to re-evaluate, learn what we can from this, and re-equip.

The regular contributors to this particular board have proven to be very knowledgeable and generous with their advice. I am open to any input that would improve the enjoyment of this sport while managing risk. We'll never eliminate all the risk in this or any other sport, but if we share ideas, maybe we can improve our odds. This is my contribution to the knowledge base, so to speak.

I plan on asking 6D if they might work a deal with me to analyze the helmet or maybe replace it at a discount. We will be running these exclusively unless we find a better one.

The concept looks superior to me. Glad to hear it worked well in this instance. I will get one when I can afford it. It's about time someone improved the helmet.

Glad he's ok Dragon. After Bell's crash, I'm definitely sold.

Glad he's ok Dragon. After Bell's crash, I'm definitely sold.

Thanks Bocephus, I hadn't even thought of that, but I just googled Bells crash. Incredible he just walked away.

Now I just have to find the cash to replace the one I have. . . no way that thing can be put back in service. The boy is still OK though!

Quick update. Just spoke with a representative from 6D calling in response to an e-mail I sent couple of hours ago. His primary concern was my son. We talked for a bit about the nature of the crash and the condition of the helmet, and I left the discussion feeling that these folks take safety very seriously. I told him these helmets should be used by as many people as possible, because I believe that.

Hopefully I will be able to get my son back in the game ASAP. Liam is 15. His buddies are riding Friday, so he asked if we could have the new 6D by then. His mother said "You have other helmets". He said he would never ride with his old helmet again.

I asked him why, and he said "I felt every part of my body hit the ground, except for my head, if that makes sense". It does. Now that the thing is blown up, you can see and feel that cushion between the two chambers.

We're getting a new one either way, but I think these 6D folks might make it easier to do that somehow. I will keep you posted.

glad to see hes ok, him and chris Rodgers both had hard crashes yesterday.

glad to see hes ok, him and chris Rodgers both had hard crashes yesterday.

Is Chris OK?

Update from 6D they are sending me a new ATR-1 for $500. Not bad, considering they could have said c-ya! But, that does not seem to be the way 6D operates. I believe they are trying to make all of this work financially, and I believe they really care about their customers.

My understanding from talking to the sales manager, Scott Denison, and CEO, Bob Weber (yeah, the CEO of 6D took the time to call a customer, so pretty cool) was that they had been trying to find a way to help customers who crashed within a year of buying their helmet, and they decided (apparently today?) $500 for a replacement made sense for them. I am cool with that, since the $750 I paid for the first one now looks like the most reasonable thing I have spend money on for this sport.

I hope these folks get 6D comfortably rolling along. At first I was skeptical, but the science persuaded me. As the anecdotal experiences roll in, including my own and those Mr. Weber shared with me, it is becoming apparent that a crash with one of these helmets is distinctly different than a crash with a traditional helmet. I guess I am one of the first or second dads to believe there is no substitute. My guess is there will be lots more of those. The replacement cost of a helmet is still high, but I would assume the start-up cost of this little venture was formidable. Good for Mr. Weber, his investors and employees for taking this leap forward. I think it will be an historical moment in history for helmet design.

Riding on!

Thanks for the write up on this and I'm glad your son is ok. I'm in the market for a new helmet and am torn between this and a new Shoei VFX-W.

This experience is just one more data point for you to consider. You know my opinion. I know MXA gave the 6D a rare 5-Star review. I think they have only given two of those for helmets . . . maybe three. The link below is not the review, but it's cool.


I don't know, I just talked to the freaking CEO of 6D because my son crashed, so I am probably a little more favorable to 6D. But, that said, objectively, does the Shoei offer any real difference in impact protection from a CL-X6? I honestly don't know. I would call the CEO of Shoei to ask, but I doubt he would talk to me :)

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I know the Shoei is highly regarded in the racing community as a top notch helmet in all areas from fit and finish to ventilation to impact protection. However it does appear the 6D is a step up over anyone else right now in impact protection.

I know the Shoei is highly regarded in the racing community as a top notch helmet in all areas from fit and finish to ventilation to impact protection. However it does appear the 6D is a step up over anyone else right now in impact protection.

I could not agree more with everything you just said. I will say the ventilation on the ATR-1 is really good. They make use of the gap between the two protective layers to get a lot of air in there. I think it's actually easier for them. They even have air intake screens on the chin guard. Fit seems good too. Finish? I think that was the least of their concerns. The helmet looks purposeful, like "I am here to protect you" purposeful. I am guessing the Shoei would win that contest, though both are built specifically to not hook up on impact.

Glad to see he is OK and that you are passing on the info to us! I too wondered what these 6D helmets were that I saw some of the Honda SX guys wearing were, then when I looked it up and I was mighty impressed by what I saw! Cool design to say the least. I am a newbie to MX and am starting off with an inexpensive helmet while I am slow and not taking any risks at all, but when I feel the urge to open the gas more and take bigger jumps it will be time for a new lid.

Kudos to you for paying the info forward and to 6D for a badarse safety concept.

Unreal! Glad to hear your son is ok

Unreal! Glad to hear your son is ok

Thanks Navy! Was kind of worried he would need a helicopter. Thought of you, believe it or not :)

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