how long do you use your goggles before replacement?

I just like everyone else have multiple sets.

But I am curious to know why the foam falls apart so easy.

I have goggles I paid good money for.

the best goggles I have had are smith regulators & my Smith pro series goggles. But the foam is falling off them.....

What's your opinion on how long to keep goggles & what's your best brand you like most.

I have had a pair of eks goggles for over two years and the foam is still great. I got a new pair at the start of the year and they have also been awesome.

Edit: I also forgot that they are pretty cheap.

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I've had much the same experience with my Eks goggles. Excellent goggles, would highly recommend them.

Until the foam breaks down. I usually run Oakey O frames or Scott 87 frames. They are cheap and comfortable. No need for expensive stuff. Wash the sweat and dirt out of it and you should get a few years out of them.

I had a pair of Scott's (dont remember the model) that wore out very quickly. Maybe 10 rides....I just purchased a pair of Spy Targa II MX Goggles and must say that the quality of foam feels 10x better than the Scott's I had. Ive only got a few rides in them, so I can't say just how well they'll hold up, but if initial quality is an indicator, I think I'll buy again.

I like scott goggles, oakley, and SMX optics. All quality and none have failed on me.

Like most I run them until the foam starts to fall apart of the strap gets all stretched out. It's usually for 2-3 seasons, then I replace them. I have run expensive goggles and cheap ones and never really noticed a difference. I have just been buying cheap scott goggles lately since you can get them for under $30 with tear-offs. I see no need to spend $60+ on goggles when they fall apart just as quickly as the cheap ones.

I had a pair of thor goggles for 2 years. Now have smith fuel intakes that seem to be holding up just fine.

Wouldn't mind a pair of EKS though........

I have the Oakey SI Ballastic googles and have been using them for over a year now. Like others have said I won't replace them until the break. Although I'm going to buy an Arai XD4 so the googles will sit idle after I do that.

Like a lot of guys, I use them until the foam rots....UNLESS someone comes out with a rad, with it, super-cool neon color scheme. Then- I'm there!

I have a pair of scott googles and they are like a year old and still fine. U have to rinse out the sweat or it dries it out then it falls apart. Its salty.............

I have worn the same pair of high end (Voltage Pros I think they were called) Scotts for 5 years and the foam is just now starting to show some signs of deteriorating. Countless long hot summer days in the woods, plus winter cold rides, never a problem with them. Just got a pair of 100% Acuri, but haven't worn them yet, so we'll see how they hang in there.

I have a pair of Spy Targa's I have been running for probably 6 or 7 years, replaced the lens like 5 times, foam is still good, but the strap is stretched a little. Also run some Oakleys and SMX, all are great goggles.

I just replaced my Scott's last week with some new Scott's. The foam on my old pair were falling off. They also had rose tinted lenses which I can't find anymore. Bummer.

I also left them on my helmet for years, so they were stretched to shit too. I don't leave them on anymore.

till the foam comes unglued or falls apart..... I like cheapo Scott Recoil pros.

Id like to try some Eks next but when it comes time to buy goggles i still have tearoffs and buy the same ones .

I have had a pair of scott 89 series goggles that just fell apart after 4 years. I just got eks goggles for my birthday, can't wait to try them

My set of old Oakey O frames are about 4 years old. Foam was hot-glued back on, but now is disintegrating.

I just picked up a set of 100% Racecraft goggles. I've never spent $75 on goggles, but they came with a mirror red and clear lens, and some tear offs. Not TOO bad when you consider that...

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My Oakleys are holding up great... I've replaced the lenses in them numerous times and the foam is still perfect.

The only issue I have is a few of the sets that I have had for a few years, the elastic in the band is stretched out. I buy one or two pairs a year and never have to throw a pair out.

Just bought a cheap set of scotts. But I will probably buy another set of smiths soon.

If you ever ride in the rain or even cold weather, the smith Turbo fan is sweet. Even when its 90 out the fan helps a lot.

I won't lie they run $125.00 average but I just love the way they performed. Still curious to know if anyone had gotten more than a few years from a set of goggles. I usually ride six or more hours at a time. So the fan helps.

I've had my eks goggles for about a year now and they are holding up great. Best pair of goggles I've ever owned. They are pretty cheap too! Can't beat that.

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