03 YZF 250 Help.

I have an 03 YZF 250. Its been to the dealer twice to be fixed for sevre bogging when you snap the throttle they could never fix it. It has a quick shot accelerator pump on it that makes very little differnce when adjusted. I made the mistake of taking the carburetor completely apart to clean it (i found bad gaskets in it) but i cant find replacement gaskets for it, does anyone know where I might find some??? Or does a person some how need to make their own.


Oooh. Bad luck there. That centre gasket is non replaceable.

If you can afford it I would try a 2nd hand carb. Or for a bit more you could get a "smart carb". Getting really positive reviews and pretty cheap too.


This is for the mid body gasket. If you need the other gaskets JD also sells those.

As far as the bog goes. Does your accelerator pump squirt a solid stream of fuel when you twist the throttle? You can easily check this with the carb on or off the bike. Just make sure the float bowl is full and the pump is primed. I assume you have done the o-ring mod and made sure it is timed correctly? Any carburated bike will bog if you try to make it bog.

Oh ok awesome thank u. Yes the accelerator pump works just like its suppose to. Nice steam of fuel. If u are riding the bike in lower rpm and try and accelerate to fast like to go up a steep hill or hop a log hit just falls on its face. And will quit unless u let off the throttle. But if u run it with the choke on it goes away all together. The plastic nut that holds hot start cable to the top of the carb it also stripped out, don't know it that would make a difference or not. Been like that since I bought it

Replace the hot start knob.

Try a smaller leak jet, say a 50

Confirm the AP timing is EXACTLY right as per the manual. Do not 'wing it'.

It has a boyesen quickshot 3 on it. Should there be a leak jet in there or is there suppose to be a plug in that hole??

It has a boyesen quickshot 3 on it. Should there be a leak jet in there or is there suppose to be a plug in that hole??

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