Trade Lowering link (xr's only) for stock link for XR650L

Hi I have the legs to sit on a full height xr and would much rather have the stock link. It's nice to be able to plant my feet heel and toe but I'm planning on getting the xr into more active terrain and I want to have the full rear suspension Mr Honda saw fit to give the xr. I've been greasing the link and the rest of the frame every couple of rides so have no fear the link is mint. It's only about 1000-2000 miles old max as well .

Hi I know its been a while but im looking to lower my bike. Im on the tips of my toes with the XR and could use the 1.5 inch lowering link. THe only problem with trading is our bikes will be out of commission untill the shipping happens. If you have already raised it, do you still have your lowered link? if so i'd buy it from you.



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