Rmx 250 exhaust pipe

I have an Australian 99 model rmx250 with a stock exhaust part no 044e2-10 on the side, I had a stack today and busted it up pretty good I'm having trouble finding a new pipe or even a fatty or gnarly pipe, would a 99 rm pipe fit a 99rmx pipe

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1368430272.198305.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1368430298.434748.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1368430324.971419.jpg

Since your RMX mimics the 96-00 RM, I think you're on the right track. Matching the cylinder spigot size would be the biggest issue.

96-98 vs. 99-00 RM pipes have different part #'s......not sure what changed though

The exhaust port spigot is 50mm or 2" is a 99 rm the same size

99rm and 99 rmx 250 part numbers are different they look similar in the picture however

Cross referencing the rmx number I got online and it comes up with 89 90 91 92 rm250 so I believe I have the wrong number looking at 99 rm's the exhaust mounts the same as my rmx just need to find out if their the same size diameter, anyone know the 99 rm250 exhaust port diameter ?

You're cross referencing the U.S. spec RMX which is basically a 89-92 RM.

If you find one on Ebay, maybe you could ask the seller for dimensions if you don't find the answer here.

Found on another site that a 98 rmx will deffientely fit with one mount not linning up but a quick cut and weld will fix that

Whoops meant 98 rm

Today I decided to repair my old pipe in the mean time had to cut and reshape the pipe, I dummied the pipe in position on the bike to get it all to line up before welding it solid, I tacked the pipe then removed it and fully welded it. Pipe is all good for now but now it won't start, my spark is dropping in and out one minute it's there next its not tried with another plug, is it possible by welding the pipe I've fried something electrical?

It's possible to fry part of the ignition when welding on a bike. That's why you should always unplug the spark plug and even the CDI, as the welding current could find a ground path through your ignition system and cook it.

But if it's intermittent then you may just have a corroded ground or connection.

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