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2010 Kx450f choke Problem?

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Hey Guys , I have a 2010 Fuel injected Kx450f , When i first bought the bike, When starting it with a cold engine , I would pull the cold start tab out and it would idle high and smoothly untill i pushed it back in , I have had the bike a while now , and every ride i do the same routine when the engine is cold , Over time , I have noticed that when i have the tab out warming the engine up, the idle is starting to go all over the place, but mostly at the normal idle speed where pops and farts a bit , when i give it a little rev , the idle hangs high for about 5 seconds then drops back , But as soon as i push the tab back in it gos back to normal . Can anyone tell me why it the idle wont sty high and smooth with the tab out like it used to? Do I just need to clean the throttle body, Or does it need to be tuned via turning the cold strart tap? , THE BIKE RUNS FINE WITH THE TAB IN!


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