pw80 buzzing noise?

My 95 pw80 is making a rattleing noise even after i put in a new piston and rings a day ago, Pretty much ony like 1 hour of running time on it sense rebuild.

It needed a piston because i notice a lost of power and when i took the piston out it was all burnt and some very small chips out of it pretty much scrapes.

But this rattling noise is still there. Bike runs good as you can hear and idles all day if i let it and has power.

Now maybe this is normal cause i cant remember 18years ago when i got it new lol

i also just listen to others and it seems like they have it to? is that a normal pw80 sound?

Also i run 32.1 mix cause i took the oil injector gear off and took the oil tank off and plug the holes.

Figure i ask you guys:)

also heres the video i posted on youtube of it idling with the noise.

burned piston is probably the result of other problems which are bigger than buzzing noises which could be something as simple as loose hardware.

My first piece of advice is stop running 32:1 and use the oil injection system as it was designed to run, hopefully this will fix the condition that's causing the burned piston.

You may need to hone and/or overbore the cylinder depending on what the "scrapes" are.

Then take a wrench and tighten up all the exposed fasteners.

Good luck

Is what they call "four stroking" it's missing because it takes four strokes before it will fire because it not on the pipe, it's running slow, two strokes don't like idling as much as a four stroke. It's taking four strokes because its not sucking enough gas in every intake stroke because its turning to slow, there for its missing and it makes that sound. My 99 ds80 (small Suzuki two stroke five speed clutch) does that when I let off the gas and idling. Probably nothing to worry about, it's old technology just like my ds80 (detuned air cooled rm80 motor) old bikes kinda sound like that

I recently purchased two pw80s for my kids Christmas presents and went through them well, I put NOS Yamaha pistons, rings and cylinders on both and am having exactly the same problem. Hopefully it is just a common issue, they both run excellent.

Although they generally rattle aof any way it does seem like u have a loose piece of hardware somewhere, maybe even in the pipe. If it runs fine I wouldn't worry too much. What octane gas do u use? Sometimes lower octane (87) will cause slight pre ignition, I only use 94 on all of my dirtbikes n quads. The 91 CR250 was really rattley sounding with anything but 94 n eve some with that.

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