Honda CT 125 cam timing

where is the timing mark on the cam sprocket , or do you use the pin that sticks out to run the points as the timing mark ?

I put the crank on the T mark and put the pin on the cam straight up and I dont have compression with my new 144 top end .

According to the Clymer Manual, there should be an "O" mark on the cam sprocket, just above one of the cam bolt holes. With the crank at the "T" mark, the "O" should be at the 12 o'clock position, in line with the V-notch in the head. Quite possibly, the cam sprocket is mounted inside out, with the "O" mark facing in (?)

Thanks , I retimed it to your specs and it had no compression so i opened it up and i bent an exhaust valve . so I ordered one .

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