Ktm250sx 07 spring rates 110kg-115 kg with gear

Hi all I have a 07 ktm250sx that I use mostly for enduro and a bit of mx work, average weekender speed , i have to replace my fork seals so I want to sort the suspension out while I'm there, what a good base setup to work with , spring rates and rebound/comp, sag, oil volume and weight etc, I have seen that I may be able to use the 450sxf shock spring ? I don't want to spend heaps as a husaberg fe350 is not far away but I want to keep the 250sx aswell and have it setup ready, any other tips and tricks on this bike would be greatly appreciated aswell. Thanks, Josh.

Also as the topic says I weigh between 110-115 with gear on, cheers

Can anyone help me out?

Surely someone can help me out .

I have used the racetech website on a few bikes to work out spring rates and find it ok. allows for weight and type of riding etc.

I needed to go up several spring rates because i'm 120kg.

.50s in the front or .49s if you like it slightly softer.....PDS 6 in the rear.....

Set all your adjustments in the middle. SAG should be around the 108-110 mark, forks slid down in the triples to where the fork cap is....

If you can afford it, I would also get rid of the stock pistons in exhange for a woods pistons.....

Great thanks guys, I did go on the racetech website and it did say the spring rates that were quoted above, thanks alot ill see how it goes.

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