Bearing retaining clip down cam chain tunnel

The bearing retaining clip on the exhaust camshaft has fallen down into my engine, how do I go about getting this out!? I imagine I'm going to have to take the engine out the frame and just take it apart? It went down where the cam chain is, where has it likely ended up?

I can't see it looking down and I tried my magnet on a stick but it is too big to go all the way down.

Thanks for any help

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Disaster averted. After much panic charging into the house and onto thumpertalk to make a thread, I did a search and people had said to remove the generator cover. I did this but couldn't see anything, but after poking around with my magnet in there I found the clip behind the flywheel.

Phew :ride:

Edited by lewis87

Next time, stuff a rag in the cam chain tunnel.

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