CRF Flywheel Removal / Puller

Broke my Motion Pro Flywheel puller trying to get the flywheel off our 12 yesterday.

This would have been the first time removed so it seems like the nut might have been overtightened at the factory.

So now 2 questions,

Can I use heat from either a propane or oxy/acetylene torch without damaging the flywheel?

Where can I get a new quality puller?

The MP had a chinese feel to it.

Thanks in advance

I wouldn't use heat. I would try another puller, hard to believe 2 in a row would break. Where/how did it break? I assume you installed it properly? Did you go mongo with an air impact wrench on it? That'll break them...

Yeah never seen one on so tight. It split starting from the threaded bottom sort of like an abused socket.

I was just cranking two wrenches against each other by hand. And I aint that strong... ;')

If you use the puller a lot and the working threads aren't greased they can wear a bit. In would just try a new puller, you'll need to get one, anyhow. Not sure who else makes them. Maybe your local dealer has a beefier one he could let you borrow? The genuine Honda puller, if one exists.

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