yz250 cutting out?

So heres the deal i got a 97 yz250 brand new top end vforce reeds and pro circuit pipe and silencer i put all this stuff on it this spring rode it one weekend and it was really cold and ran great now it seems that when it gets hot it spudders and loses power. ive put a new stator in it and rejetted the carb. i have no idea what could be wrong any buddy got anything?????

It could be many things; but here is a couple of things to try. Once it gets hot check out the coil according to the manual, it may be breaking down due to heat. One simple thing that costs nothing is to check the spark plug lead; unscrew the plug boot and clip about a quarter inch off the end of the lead, then screw the plug boot back on. They tend to vibrate and destroy the wire inside.

You said you rejetted the carb. What was your jetting before and now ? With hotter temperature you need leaner jetting.

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