Oil drain bolt .

Finally got around to working on the bike after winter and did an oil change, the bolt on the left crank case had some metal shavings fall out. I tightened it by hand then gave it a small turn with the wrench. Will it be ok or think it will come loose and leak?

Hi, the WR have helicoils in the drain threads so it's not that easy to wreck the thread on them, I suppose the metal shavings came from the transmission and not from the threat/bolt. "Smal turn" is relative, they don't need much force

• Drain bolt (crankcase right):

20 Nm (2.0 m · kg, 14 ft · lb)

• Drain bolt (crankcase left):

20 Nm (2.0 m · kg, 14 ft · lb)

I would reccomend you to get an magnet drain bolt that catches those metal shavings...

Although the magnet will do nothing to catch aluminum shavings, they are not magnetic.

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