Self cleaning sprockets, better or worst?

See where JT sprockets have self cleaning sprockets.

JT states on their website;

Self-Cleaning Steel Front Sprockets

MX-series steel front sprockets are manufactured to exacting tolerances and designed with special self-cleaning grooves for added life and performance.

Is this any good or worst that a regular sprocket? Or is just a market scheme?

Edited by wingam00

In very muddy conditions they can help with pack up especially if there is tall grass.

However they are no better or worse in "regular" use - like all chain and sprockets keep em clean and lubricated and you will have decent life spans.

Steel will also wear better than aluminum but weigh more.

'Self Cleaning' is all marketing. For the most part, grooves, swirls, ect. are they just to entice and entertain you. In reality, they provide more area to 'bite' onto with gunk.

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