2013 rmz250 mod build please help

okay trying to build a fast strong loretta lynn type bike hear or close. must be reliable. So far I have full yoshi exhaust, moto tassanari air boot, and je 14.2:1 piston. still not even close...runs better off 93 octane btw..okay so..next step? tuner?? cams..which ones? dont really have the downtime available for head work..please help im thinking a tuner but which one and with auto tune? i know getting it tuned correctly is a big improvement and i dont have a tire to go dyno tune so i was thinking auto tune maybe.PLEASE HELP thanks :p

Yeah I've been asking sim questions lately too...good luck as no one seems to reply much

Buy a yoshi pim2 for the pipe...I promise you'll see a huge difference

Problem being it can't auto tune itself without spending big. Considered the PCV with Auto-tuner?

You'd have to buy the yoshi data box too for it to self map if that's what your talking about

Well I found out that the bazzaz controller is the same as pim so I ordered that. Go from there I guess..

Yep the data box is what i was referring to...isn't it hela expensive for the full kit + someone please correct me if i'm wrong but i haven't been able to find a map data base for this product...only the 4/5maps on the yoshi site?

Not burning it but that eddie is offering the PCV with a map to suite your bike in any configuration @ 350. Then to make her a closed loop system should you need to + another 280. He also re flashes standard ECU's for like 50. Think for the support you'd get it's incredible value, no?

I had a tuning module which seems similar to the pim2. Then with module installed, laptop in hand, sniffer down the exhaust we proceeded to tear our hair out at a rolling road for no less then 6hrs. Its was a pricy mistake. Having said that it did perform well....just a total faff to set up!

Dont get a tuner spend your money on Cams, their pretty easy to change and relatively cheap too. If you actually want power though send your whole engine to Pro C.

You would be better off putting more money into your suspension .

You would be better off putting more money into your suspension .

I assumed he had suspension already because if he is trying to build a LL bike there shouldnt be any chance he's even thought about riding the bike with stock suspension, you aren't a racer if you do any mods before suspension.

Suspension is the first thing any bike should get done, I repete ANY and I mean ANY bike that you ride should have suspension, power is nothing if you can't control the bike, if you dont already have suspension get some and watch your lap times get faster instantly.

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