Opinions on an '02 Gas Gas 280 txt

Looking for help - I need your opinions. I ride a CRF230f on trails, not interested in competition. I would like to get a trials bike for a spare bike and just because I used to really enjoy riding our Montesa back in the early 90's. A trials bike would be a spare bike for me and something to play around on when riding with slower/new riders. I tend to get a little bored waiting for them and it would be nice to just ride around on trials bike for the challenge.

I found this one on Craig's List. Blue Springs is about a 3 hour drive for me, so I want to be pretty sure about the bike before heading up there. I don't see many trials bikes for sale though and don't want to miss out.

I've read in the forums that it's best to avoid the '02 pro. Please share your thoughts about this one. I haven't called the guy yet, so I don't know anything about the history of the bike.

Thanks everybody!!

Ride the GAS GAS trials 280cc - $2500 (Blue Springs)



2002 Gas Gas txt 280 trials bike

wifey says it has to go or me!

They are great 1st bikes - Easy to ride and typically very reliable and parts are still available.

$2500 is high. I'd say $2K is more like it unless its in showroom condition.

About the only thing to know about these bikes is that the tranny fluid amount is 550-600cc (I always used 550 - manual is wrong) and the air filter gets dirty fast.

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Yeah, what laser said, seems really high, more from this picture, I was thinking 1500... if it was under 1500 I'd already picked the damn thing up, for LarryDawg...

This is not the Pro model, from what I can see (I have a '02 TXT Pro and love it).....so it shouldn't have the issues that came with the first year of the Pro in 2002.

I agree that the asking price is on the high side....maybe if it was a Pro, and had the flaws already fixed (like mine did), it would be worth $2500 in good shape, but for a non-Pro, I think it's a bit steep.

I agree with all of the above. I owned one of these bikes for 2 years, had no problems with it. I just rode the crap out of it. I would pick the TXT over a PRO anytime for just some slow trail riding. You will enjoy everything about this bike; but the price. A little on the high side. The $1500.00 range would be max here in the South. Maybe $1200.00. Ask a lot of questions about the bike. Who rode it, what class if in comp. who serviced the bike, new top end, you know the drill. The air filter is a pain in the neck!! Very thin, needs a lot of service. The good thing is, you don't have to worry about water in the air box. My PRO gets water in the air box if it clouds up. :rant: You might find yourself wanting to comp. after riding this bike for a while. Its that Sweet!! We will be glad to have you :ride: Andrzej..... THE PURPLE BEAST, what are you doing......... you old dog :p Come on down for the world round!!! I have a friend, that wants me to host a World Round Party at my house. BBQ, swimming. OK.....OK....DRINKING. Can't do it without the BEAST!!

Twang Bunny

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these are nice beginners bikes, trail riders like them kind of too. so your 3 hours from KC, I assume in misouri? the MATT-Trials.com is the website for KC club, they ride in, actually just 2 miles or so west of Trenton MO, couple hours north I think it was, maybe less than that depending on where in KC you are.

I think Darrell said everything right, fwiw. he dont say much except the wife wants it gone, maybe pricing it at 2500 lets him keep it?

Sadly, I could know the guy selling it, hate to bash bike prices too much, but still.

+1 on the "but Honey - Im trying to sell it!"

I sold my 02 Edition in excellent condition for $2200 way back in 08. I had a fresh shock and fork service on it as well with HD springs. That bike started 1st kick everytime. I wish I kept it to teach folks on.

Thank you all so much for the information, this has been very helpful. My dad's going up to look at it with me tomorrow. At 71 he's my mechanic consultant and sometimes riding buddy. :) Will let you know how it turns out.

Oh, and btw, this is a single owner bike and he is selling mostly due to health concerns. He rode it in central regional events, 4/year but hasn't ridden much in the last 3 years. He's shown some flexibility on the price, so it's worth going to check out. Thanks again for all your help - what a great community!

Good Luck Honda Girl! Let us know how it turns out! :thumbsup:

Got the bike last night! I'm so excited, it was hard to come to work today. Unfortunately the boss knew I was going to look at a bike yesterday. :)

Hey, do I need to change my profile name to Gassy Girl? Nah!

Yes, you should change your nickname, something without a brand in it, who knows next week you might want a beta, hate to lose track of you if that happens (just kidding).

But, I suggest you put in signature or profile on these forums, at least a city near you, so if people see you posting, and then find out you live in an area that is close, well you meet and make friends and find places to ride...

Keep us posted, My dad is 77, we still ride (assuming youre new and havent read all my posts everywhere) So are you going to find YOUR Dad a bike too? It sure has been fun for me and mine for 40 years.

Also suggest (in case you haven't hunted or found them yet) you bookmark these other forums:

http://www.advrider.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=73 General riding discussion, link to trials forum.

http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/forum/7-gas-gas/ Now Trials central is/was hard core trials stuff, hosted in USA servers but ran from over seas. Link I give you is directly to gasgas subforum, from there you should be able to visit the rest of the site.

Gassy Honda Girl. Check that air filter before you ride, also make sure the tranny oil is ok. I run air plane fuel in my Gasser. Never pump gas. You are in for a great time! :ride: Keep us posted.


I run air plane fuel in my Gasser.

Rumour has it that Twang doesn't actually run his Gasser.....all he does it clean it! :rolleyes:

Sting - that's awesome about your dad.

My dad is 71 and rides a CRF250X. We were talking about it on the drive to KC last night, he got me started riding dirtbikes when I was 14. He said he wanted to find something we could enjoy together that would keep me away from boys and bars! I'm in my 40's now. There have been a few bars and boys, but I'm still riding with my dad. :)


Both your dad and bike look to be in great shape. Congratulations.


This is the sport, that you guys can share and have a great time together and really not be risking his health or anything. Especially compared to riding his 250 at a higher speed, compared to what we do in trials. He could love it easy...

Your Edition should be a great bike! I still have the 2003 Edition (same as 2002) and sold another 03 Edition to a buddy. I agree with Laser, these things are generally a one kick wonder even after sitting a while. The one thing to be careful of is these are in a years that there were lots of changes and the parts books often give numbers for the newer Pro that came out about then. I have ordered lots of parts with the 2003 part numbers and ended up having issues(airfilters, brake calipers)- just be sure to compare parts as soon as you can and make sure they are right before you tear in!

The good news is you rarely have to do much to these Editions, they just keep running!

Sounds like good advice on the parts, thank you!

It's funny you mention starting it, I'm soooo glad it mostly starts with one kick. I'm used to that electric start on my Honda and the gas gas has been a struggle. Lots of compression and a short kick starter. I'm good for 2 kicks, 3 max till I need a break. Now that I've gotten to know the bike a little, it's starting on the first kick every time. I think I'm gonna love this bike!

great choice, especially because it has the old engine, this one is not destructable if you just keep the engine oil fresh and the air filter clean :D

trial is really a perfect sport for keeping you in a good shape ;)

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