TTR125 Washer mod pics/vids?

Im about to do the washer mod to my TTR125, but im not sure how to do it or what it looks like. so could somebody please post a picture or preferably a video of how its done. thanks

I'm curious about his so as I'm about to do the washer and air box mod and rejet my girlfriends ttr125. I looked at the stickies and previous posts on these but the pics are missing out of some if them. On the '12 ttr is the washer mod the best to do for a little added performance or is there something better such as drilling a larger hole in the baffle or removing it? Thanks!

Are you talking about a washer on the needle or something else?

Some needles have adjustable clip positions to determine how far the needle pokes down into the main jet. The 125 doesn't.

Imagine poking the needle tip through a washer, and then installing it, so that the needle sit a little higher in the holder, and therefore the needle tip is farther out of the main jet, allowing more mid range fuel.

I know, a picture is better.

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Well im talking about the exhaust washer mod

Gotcha. There are two washer mods. The carb version is noticeable, the exhaust is very slightly louder.

So i do remove the baffle? Because i was told not to unless i want a shitty bike

If somebody has done this to their TTR125, could you post a video on how to do it.

For those of you they have done the exhaust mod, what did you find worked best? The washer mod, take out the baffle, or something else such as drilling out the end or another hole inside where the 3 small pipes with holes are just before the exhaust enters the baffle? Thanks!

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