I need someone to ride trails with, possibly motocross In Knoxville Tn area


Hey guys, I moved to maryville, Tennessee a year ago and have decided to try and find someone to ride with. I'm running a 94 RM250 on mostly single track. I haven't tried motocross track yet. I consider myself a novice, but I feel I'm getting faster with each ride. I've found some good trails to ride, but i'm scared of running off these steep hillsides and no one knowing it. My wife has been real supportive in how she will ride the 3wheeler for awhile, but mostly sits in the truck and patiently waits till I'm done, ready to come looking for me if m gone too long. I'm 37 years old, have ridden 2 harescrambles since I've gotten my bike running and have found out I'm addicted to this sport. So.......let me know

Oops, didn't know Tennessee was under the "south" section , I have just now put this post in the correct forum.

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