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Thumper Talkers,

I just got my 13 DRZ-SM two weeks ago and I love it. It isn't my first thumper...or bike. I had a few DR's over the past 15 years and several 70's I-4's, twins, and a 90's XL; but, this is by far the most reliable (and first brand new) I've ever rode. My wife wanted me to have something newer and fun to ride around and it was between the DRZSM and a Triumph Speed Triple. Living in Chicago, having 2 kids, and not being able to ride anywhere or anytime I feel like makes me happy I chose the SM. It's way more fun to ride around the city... Speed Triple would've been a waste of money.

Anyways, I'd like you guys to weigh in on something. I've been breaking the motor in hard.... Lots of loading up, rapid decel, varying RPM's. 150 miles and I'd like to change the oil. The general consensus, I've noticed, is to use a good ester-based synthetic; but, at what mileage should I use that??

Should I use conventional oil until the "factory's 600 mile break-in," or switch to synthetic sooner. Fire Away... and thanks!!

Also: any SM'ers who ride around Chicago--Give a shout. Super Motard night somewhere would be more fun than the typical Thruxton / Dyna-glide nights I usually see around.

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Change oil when you're ready,, zero miles or whatever, makes no difference..

And thus.. we have the first shot across the Oil Thread bow

Your motor's broke in.If you feel you need to change the oil,by all means do.Don't let the silly owner's manual stop you.Use whatever single cylinder 4 stroke off-road mc oil you feel is best.

sweet bike man! i agree with the above statements! i rebuilt my sm recently and use lucas semi synthetic, i dont like to use full synthetic in bikes that share the motor oil with the tranny especially when its a wet clutch.either way you wont have an issue with which ever oil you choose. cheers


Running mineral oil for the first XXXX miles is more relevant to older school technology when machining was somewhat less precise ....

On a new or rebuilt engine I still prefer to run basic oil for the 1st 500 miles because I am from that old school.... :p:D

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Congrats!!! I just got mine too and I am also in the Chicagoland area. Hit me up sometime.

Silkolene oil

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