1996 RM80 bog issue *HELP PLEASE*

I am new to dirtbikes and I picked up a 1996 RM80 and I have been having an issue where the bike is bogging down when i try to take off in first gear but the bike does start first kick.

What I did was redid topend and water pump seals. I quickly cleaned out the carb but I am going to check and throughly clean out the jets and reed vavle more.

Can anyone help me with narrowing down this problem? it is quite frustrating to me. is there anyone to check the power valves without take the head back off?

Could it be float hieght in carb? Any imput would be great.

* Bike ill start first kick and i have not yet perfected the idle because i think it is idling a tad high but I am not sure. The bike will bog if I flick the throttle real quick or I try to get on an take off it was die under load unless I give it alot of gas and ride the clutch. please helpppp. Thanksa

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