2003 cr250 suspension help

Hi there I'm 14 and about 120lb. I'm on a 2003 cr 250 and I find the suspension really stiff for me on tight and fast single track. I haven't touched the suspension at all and was wondering if anyone could help me make it as soft as possible without having to revalve. I do not have a manual either. My main problem with it right now is its spinning a lot and throwing me off track. Any help is appreciated!

I'm no suspension expert, but these bikes typically come sprung for someone about 40-50lbs heavier than you are. The right springs is the first step in suspension set-up, check with Race Tech, they have an online suspension spring checker to get you dialed in. If your low on cash, check Ebay and the TT classified section, you might find used springs for cheaper.

Beyond that, set your race sag and reduce compression clickers is about the best you can do. I'm sure you'll put on 40lbs in the next 2-3 years anyway

alright yea I kind of thought that it would be difficult to set the suspension to my weight without revalving or putting different springs in. but thanks for the help!

I bet your bike really scoots with that little amound of weight. My bike moves me well and I weigh 230.

I weigh 140 and you better believe these things go with somebody of our weight riding them. Haha. I am in the same boat on having to fix the suspension but unfortunately I'm pretty much full grown unless something really unforeseen happens so it looks like its going to get expensive for me. I plan on get the works. Revalved, resprung, and rebuilt. I am hoping it makes a big difference because right now the bike just is not made for people our size. I ride single track to and find myself spinning and fighting the bike just to keep a straight line. Some of that has to do with me simply not being a good rider plus all the power, but the suspension and tires are definitely not helping. I have the compression all the way out and it really did not make much difference. If you could find a cheap set of used springs that may be your best option for right now. Then next year get it revalved for woods and then some time after that sell the springs and get the correct ones for your weight at that time. Suspension will make the single greatest difference of any mod you can do to the bike so start saving your grass cutting and Christmas money.

yea, sounds like you have the exact same problem as me. can't keep the bike in a straight line and am just spinning everywhere! haha any suggestions on how to adjust the forks though? like compression and rebound as which way increases and decreases it! thanks

On the forks, go out counterclockwise (from full closed position) 20 clicks on the top clickers. ON the bottom fork clickers, go out 22 CCW.

In the back, set your sag to 105mm (not 100mm) RIDER sag. Your static sag will be outside the range, (somewhere around 40-45mm Im guessing) b/c of your light weight. So don't worry about it if you can't change out to a lighter spring.

On the top shock clicker, go out 20 clicks CCW from full closed. On the large 17mm nut, unscrew out 3 full turns from fully closed.

On the bottom shock clicker, go out 22 CCW clicks from full closed.

These settings will get you to the SOFTEST damping. You will give up some high speed control, but this is about as soft as you can get w/ the stock valving. If that is still no firm, then you will know to spend the money for a revalve. Try the above and let us know what you think.

alright thanks! I will give that a try and let you know..

How did you make out with this, I am super short and light too, had a lighter spring installed on the shock and internally limited about 25mm. Made a world of difference out back but the front forks need to be re sprung and limited now unless I can do some clicker adjustments like suggested here and maybe move the forks up in the tree a little to compensate for the rear being lower.

Put 2.5 wt oil in the forks at 320CC. That will help a noticeable amt also.

yes it helped out alot! do the clicker adjustments and set you static and race sag. I might slide my forks into the triple clamps a little as well.

i have a 04 cr250. it has the stock fork spring and shock spring.

My weight is 72 kg and i ride ok. b level.

the problem i was having with the fork was the thing felt like i was hanging onto a jackhammer.

i could feel every little bump, it was harsh on landings,it wobbled around, it just felt like horrible.

after looking into the correct springs etc, i thought i would try and re-valve the suspension first before buying new springs. i think for the fork i need .42kg, and stock they are .44.

this i what i did.(And thanks dogger you helped us out heaps.)

I made the fork oil level the lowest as per manual and used 5 weight, then from the base valve i took 1 30 shim out and put it the bottom. i took the 26 shim out and put it between the 30s and the 29. thats it.

now my fork works great, it could be a little bit plusher but for a 2 hour fix the bike now works as good as i need it to.I would say %15- %20 better.

the shock is still just ok, i just took out 1 shim from the compression stack and put it at the base to see what it would do. its %2-5 better

I still have to redo the shock but for now i will leave it.

But if someone has a stack that worked for them it would be great to know.

hope this helps.

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