Cooling Fan Problems

Hey guys

So I have a SPAL Cooling fan installed on my bike. It used to work, then I had a crash, and now it doesn't turn on. I have a Trail Tech Vector so I can see what temperature the bike is at. Can anyone tell me what temperature it is supposed to turn on at? Maybe any ideas what is wrong with it?


Does your bike have the OEM fan kit? If so, there will be a fan thermo-sensor at the bottom of the right rad? The sensor is usually stamped with the fan turn on/turn off temp. The KTM/Berg fan kits on the newer bikes come with a 100/95 sensor which allows the coolant to reach 100 C (212 F) before the fan turns on. You can check to see if the fan works by shorting the two sensor terminals with a screwdriver.

Thanks for the response. I don't think it is a factory fan kit or not, but I noticed the sensor there. It also looked like there was also one on the side of the cylinder on the right side of the bike, so I was a bit stumped. I will try the short today, and see what happens. I checked the fuse that was connected, thinking that maybe it broke, but sadly it wasn't the case.


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