2013 Fantasy SX Final Standings + some pics from the Vegas SX


I thought I would just port the final points standings for the 2013 Fantasy SX


I believe the points issues have been worked out and oz_aldo and JMX3358 are co-Champions for the 2013 season and next year they both will wear the 0.5 plate.

oz_aldo even missed a week and still won the title, very RV 2011. I am just glad I made top 20

you can see the top 100 by either going to the site or you can look at the PDF I created for the top 100 HERE

I have made a topic for the start of the MX season, it starts this weekend. So get your pics in!


I was at the Las Vegas SX to hand out the SX fantasy title(s) and I took some pics during one of the timed practices. I was too lazy to move to a different location and me and the girlfriend were starving and had a bunch of food and a grill back at the car.

I hope you enjoy the pics...



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Thanks again for a great time!! :thumbsup: Too bad I stunk it up a couple of times! :banghead: Only 2 points from being on the front page!! :rolleyes:

Looking forward to the Outdoors and some REAL racing!! :ride:

thanks Rando :thumbsup:

Thanks for another great season... can't wait for the outdoors.

When will the rider list be updated?

Edit: NVM it has been updated already since I looked the other day, apologies! But Wilson needs to be put on the 450 list.

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