Anybody find a exhaust guard for 13' 350 xcf/sxf?

I can only find one for the 12' and older that doesn't have the secondary chamber on the header. Tired of burning my boots.

Havent found anything yet - only the Hard Parts heat guard that allegedly only fits the SXS or Akropovic exhaust header.

Pm me if someone finds one I'm also in the market! 2012 XC-F 350

I have a 2012 Dungey model and my boots sizzle on the header. Need a guard and was looking for an aftermarket slip on. A couple of the National riders are using the FMF. I was looking at the Factory 4.1 or the Powercore.

I did hear the Big Gun slip is good to and then there is Yoshi.

Akra is out of my budget.

Anyone using any of the above?

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