where or how are you guys getting theft insurance on your bikes, is it possible to get theft or insurance on something that isnt street legal or if you dont own a home, ie. if your miltary and live in the dorms right now

Progressive insurance, it costs like $180 for full coverage on my 3 bikes.


he is correct unless you live in NC and then it is impossible. I have been trying for weeks... state rules restrict it.

-- charles

Is that $180/year?

State Farm insures my 00 KTM250exc for $125.00 a year and my 01 DRZ400S for $165.00 full coverage.

Allstate will insure off-road vehicles. I'm unsure of the cost for comprehensive, but I'm paying $65.00 a year for liability.

I just called progressive 2 weeks ago, $800 for the year on a 99 yz-400 & a 2001 xr-100r, full coverage. Go figure. Thats what i get for living in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. Bolted down or not, it gets stolen, and the insuree pays.

I, too, have Progressive and it costs me $343 for a year's worth of full coverage insurance for my two bikes in sunny Orange County, California.

Yes, it is around $180 for the year. I looked at my policy and I don't have collision coverage, just comprehensive and liability.

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