KLX 300 Brake hoses replacement

Hi Guys:

Just bought a new Goodridge front braided brake hose for my KLX 300 2005, however it is not like the OEM brake hose, the OEM one ends in a small metallic brake line that goes around the caliper and connect it. In other hand the Goodridge line has the two endings fittings identical. I guess it can be installed directly in the brake pump and then plugged into the caliper (discharging the OEM metallic brake line)??

Does anyone have tried these brake hoses? Are they generic, so I will need some different fittings to install it Or it can be installed bolt on?

Thank you in advance guys

I replaced my stock front brake line with a Honda CR braided line after the lower metal line rubbed through on the rotor. I purchased a Ride Engineering front brake line clamp to clamp the brake line to the front of the fork guard. The line then goes behind the fork tube to the caliper.

Thanks for your response, however it's supposed that the brake line that I bougth is specific for KLX 300 so I guess that no other fittings are needed, but I am not sure due don't have any instructions sheet about how to install the hose. Hope somebody in this forum have tried this kind of brake lines and wants to share the tips.

Anyone else please? Thanks in advance

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