CO lighting kit for 96 250 mxc?

I'm considering this bike because it runs great (rode it), mechanically inspected with good compression by KTM enthusiast selling for a friend (enthusiast's retirement business is Colorado Adventure Riding - sound familiar to anyone in CS,CO?), a little life left in the chain and sprockets, front and rear shock serviced with new seals and oil, and I think I can get it for $1K. Just starting to learn the trails around here and some are accessible over about 3 miles of pavement (1 mile of it private) from my home and others require a CO plate to connect between trails.

But the key thing right now is whether or not there is a CO compliant lighting kit (easiest) or knowledge of what can I piece together to make it CO compliant? I can't find any lighting kits from online searching on this bike and little if any information on this year's 250 MXC at all. I can't find an upgraded lighting coil (stator) either.

Surely someone can give me a list of what lighting products will work with the stock stator and whether or not I'll even need to upgrade the stator. I'm sure I can install them once someone else does the research for me :-D

I've got the DOT compliant tire thing worked out. And I can get a battery operated horn and mirror alright.

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