Street use inspection

Getting my xr200r inspected for street use today. Wish me luck. My horn battery is dead, hopefully they look over that.

Woohoo. Passed.

What is required to be legal? I just purchased a 1987 Honda XR200R with a tag and registration. It has brake light and head light, no turn signals or horn. Does anyone know if turn signals or a horn are necessary in Florida?

Also, does anyone know if I could install a battery in order to keep the light level up at low rpms?

Thanks for the help

I'm in Michigan. Turn signals are not needed. The horn is, but every state is different. A battery may not be needed for the lights. My xr had all the wires for the lights already and the stator was ready to provide the power. The headlight works fine at idle. I needed a battery for the horn because horns are testy like that and don't like ac. They need dc to work properly. Also a mirror is needed in Michigan. But again check with your states requirements. Any other questions just ask.

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