2009 kx250f ran out of oil

So yesterday I got my bike out warmed it up and I took off everything felt fine. I made it about 100ft and the bike died I stopped kicked it twice and it fired so I took off again made it maybe 50 feet I heard a clunk and everything locked up I got back home realized I had absolutely no oil. I put about a quart in the bike and I can kick it now but it doesn't fire. Do you guys think its the top end or what? Tonight I'm going to drain the oil and see if there is metal in there if there's no metal what do you think it is and if there is metal what should I do.

Usually the cams go first then piston then crank - but not guaranteed in that order - start with taking cams out and inspecting, you will see damage from heat and metal to metal if they are the issue - get the cams out and turn it over and compare to before you took it apart…does it spin more freely? Prob gonna have to pull the top end down too to make sure the cylinder is OK and have a look at the crank

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