Totally off topic

I may get in trouble for posting this as it is somewhat "off topic" but I got such a good giggle I had to share it with you guys..... http://www.gumtree.c...-ad-/1007827310 (I would suggest this seller is a marketing genius) Something to keep in mind next time you're selling your car/bike !! :thumbsup:

I hope people read the WHOLE thing, this guy is a genius and should be on a late night your heart out Leno!

That was pretty good!

Gods own chariot

That's a load of bull---t and frankly, quite offending!

It is a fact scientifically proven long ago that the only mass produced vehicle to have been "fabricated from rare minerals excavated from the core of Mount Olympus, artfully designed by Zeus and skillfully handcrafted in the Land of the Rising Sun by the deft hands of the infamous 7 Samurai" is the DRZ!

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