Shade of Red on a 2003 XR400 ?

My front fender is looking like its been dragged down the road, whacked into bushes galore and rammed into the odd tree. Which funnily enough it has !

So, i go on ebay to look for a new one, and having had good experiences with UFO plastics AND this seller before, i come across this: [And they've turned the email / contact option off - so i cannot message them at all].

Now, the left one 'looks' a bit more of a Neon colour and slightly more Orangey than the colour of my bike for sure, so i guess the right hand one is the normal "Red"......but is there really "Red" and "Neon Red" coloured plastics on bikes out there ??

I would go with the red on the right...looks the most like 00's red to me....and sure there are neon reds out there...if there are people with camoflauged tires..then somewhere, some ass is riding neon plastic. Its for the customizer type.

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I wouldn't go by the photo. That could just be falloff in the lighting. They might be the same color fender. Just tell them you want the stock color.

XR's are the darker red (fighting red I think?) vs. CRF plastics color. FWIW, I put a 450X front fender on mine and after 1 ride getting it dirty you could not tell a difference unless you knew it and were looking for it. They are real close.


What year 450x fender?

What year 450x fender?

Pretty sure I ordered one for a 2008. It's the older style CRF fender.

Ha ha...."dragged down the road..."! Both my fenders look like that!! It seems to run fine so I just leave em alone. I usually end up adding more scratches to them when I ride it.....not sure how that happens.....

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