2008 trx450 wont start! Has fuel and spark

Hey guys long story short, i purchased a trx450 2008 electric start all that junk from a guy for 2500. He said starter needed work and battery. The quad push started right aWay and ran fine. I got a new battery and starter clutch kit and installed all of it. Now quad all it does is just turn over

Like it wants to start. Carb has been cleaned!

Top and bottom! New sparkplug, gets decent spark and it gets gas. I did a compression test today and its at 55psi and then 62 when gas added!!? What can it

Be?? It wants to go but doesnt! Pleade help i wana ride by memorial weekend!

I just found out my whole decompression arm is missing!

Im gonna order one andfind out whats up

So i have 2008 trx450 , im gettig 62 psi . But im missing my whole auto decompression setup, from the cams to the decompresser adjustment arm on the exhaust side to adjust valves? Can anyone tell me why the previous

Owner would remove this? Am i getting low compression? It only starts by bump starting it, u can sit here for days turning it over. Need solutions! Please


i can tell you that the pressure goes up when gas is added because the fuel is filling the finite gaps in the rings and making a better seal. After you install the new docomp arm, shoot over an update.

Alright will do, should be here on monday

I was wrong about the decompression, its still there i saw a differnt year and its different, damn thing still wot start

Ok ill make this quick, i have an 08 getting 62psi from compression test, its auto decompression and also has spark. Will only start from jump start? I just the starter clutch and everything turns over ok. Intake valves are in spec, could it be the exhaust valves they are

At .18 and i think its suppose to be .11

Would tht be the problem?

Should be like 100 psi sure your doing it right?

Should be 65 psi, had built in auto decomp

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