Help! Kx80 wont start and bogs down!

I was riding my 2000 kx80 this weekend and it cut off on me and when id push start it it would crank for a sec or bog down. I've cleaned the carb the jets arnt clogged and it has a new air filter. I put 93 octane in it right before it cut off and I drained the gas and put 89 back in it and still wont crank. The spark plug is wet everytime I take it out I think the bike has been flooding itself out I was thinking about getting a hotter plug.

Help me out if you know anything or have any suggestions and also when it runs it runs strong like a brand new bike so don't think there's any motor problems.

How many hours are on the top end? Sounds to me like it needs a rebuild. And one other thing, I personally would never run 87 octane fuel in a high performance race bike. But that's me.

reeds? compression?new plug?

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