need help with a 1979 yamaha mx175 lighting kit

well ive gotten hold of a 79 yamaha MX175 thats in fair condition and i bought the only lighting manual i could find off ebay for this project.shortly after that i bought a lighting coil for a 81 mx175 it was orignally from the lighting kit. a dt175 head light,it175 tail light.i bought a 79dt175 wire harness but sadly :cry: the seller did not have it in stock and i got a refund. so now im stuck on what i want to do either buy a 80 model wire harness that came with a mx175 lighting kit or retry the dt harness again witch i want to put a ignition switch on there as well so will i need the dt175 wire harness to complete my project im so close and would like some advise.

If you don't get any answers here, go to and try.

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