XR 650L 2009 will not idle/rough running

Bike starts great with choke on after warning up with choke off motor will not idle runs very rough and backfires. Bike was not started for more than a year, but now has fresh gas, new battery and spark plug what might I look at?

Clean the pilot jet. Very easy. Don't have to completely remove the carb to get at it. Consult your manual on the "how to" or check YouTube :)

Pull the carb.........you have a blocked pilot jet.........

While you have it off spray carb cleaner into all the tinny passage holes just in front of the throttle blade on the engine side,,very tny holes..

Then clean the living crap out of the main jet and pilot jets and holders...

Turn the fuel screw in while counting the turns until it lightly seats,,write that down......pull that screw out and be mindfull of the little washer and o-ring..

Clean that passage out.blow all the passages oput with a rubber tipped blowgun sealed against each hole.....

Then put the fuel screw back in till lightly seated,,back it out to the turns you wrote down,,

Then reassemble the works and re-install......

Then check your valve adjustment.......this is as important as cleaning the carb..


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