4x6 Trailer set up

I am going to pick up a homemade 4x6 trailer http://waterloo.crai...3799836037.html I am going to take off the plywood sides and put a wheel choke on it. I am hauling it with a 2007 Hyundai Sonata and was curious if you guys have any suggestions on how to set it up to haul 2 bikes? I think you could fit two on it of you set it up right. If you have any pictures that would be great.

Idk if you have a harbor freight where you live but look at there folding trailers. They can hold about 1200lbs. Same size, really solid, same price as that, and it would be new. It even has room on the tongue for a tool box. There's a few guys on here that have one.

But to answer your question that trailer will fit 2 bikes on it. Just do some measurements and see where you need to place the wheel chokes.

If you get that trailer i'd get some d rings to hook your straps too. You can bolt it to the ply wood. Looks like there is no place to hook a strap other than the frame.

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