XR200 Head light upgrade

1987 Honda XR200R

Does anyone know of a brighter lamp that I could install in my factory head lamp assembly. I want to keep the look stock, but have a better performing head light. LED would be awesome.

Can a battery be installed on this bike without causing any problems?

Don't need a battery to run a headlite, Honda likes to run headlites on AC and only adds a battery if DC is needed for street equipment or estart.

The heat limit of the plastic lens limit the bulb size. The bulb has a type D base (aka H6M), also used on other Honda dirt bike from the early eighties thru the CRF250X/450X. Some bulbs are 25 watt but 35 watt are available. The wattage should be marked on the base.

Honda 12V 35w #34901-MN1-671 used on 88+ XR200/250, XR400/600/650

Honda 12volt 35/36w bulb #34901-GJ1-003 used on the ATC350X & CRF250X/450X

Xtec 45/45W halogen lamp from Ricky Stators.

HID kits with H6M bulb on ebay about $30 a

There is also an optional Honda glass lens that uses a H3 bulb (car fog/driving lights).

Honda glass lens: #33123-MK2-671, uses H3 bulb, used on

84+ XR250R/350R/400R/500R/600Rs

thanks a lot I'll look into the part numbers.

If I add a battery, will it keep the headlight brighter when the engine is at idle?

Yes but you'll also need a rectifier/regulator to charge the battery, and there is some power loss going from AC to DC. For offroad use dimming at idle shouldn't be a problem.

HIDs also require DC and a stable power supply because if the voltage drops they shut off and attempt to restart. But they provide about 4 times as much light as a Halogen of the same wattage.

LEDs require DC, but some units such as the BD LED taillight work on AC . TrailTech, Baja Designs, Cyclops, and others sell HID and LED lights for MCs.

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