Help! Leaking gas

I did not start the bike for a couple of weeks, but in the meantime I did clean and grease the links and tried to get to the swing arm bearings. Lots of banging on that, then I gave up, winter project. Put everything together and started the bike. Right after that I noticed fuel leaking through the overflow hose ( I think it is overflow)

leaking hose CarbOverflow.jpg

It is actually not leaking, it is pouring so bad that the engine dies. To start it I have to turn off the gas altogether. It does this when on the ON or RES position.

Also turned on the gas with the engine off. Same thing, gas pouring through that hose. Something is stuck. Help!

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Sounds like the float is stuck so it never "shuts off" the fuel flow into the bowl, prolly just needa take it apart and clean it real good.

Also, what were you beating on the swingarm bolt with?? Bro in law once told me that the brass drift and a dead blow hammer worked for him.

I am thinking the same think. Maybe from the banging it got stuck into the open position. Do I just need to open the bottom/ bowl? Can I do that without removing the carburetor? Time to crack the manual.

Swing arm...went to Home depot and bought a 5/16 threaded rod, put a couple of nuts on the end and kept banging on those while applying pressure from the other end. I moved it half an inch or so, then I had to tighten it back, as it wasn't moving any more and I didn't have the bearings to replace anyway.

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Ah, yea, i would think you could get the bowl off without removing the carb. Depending on the bike, its easy. The older wr I had, carb removal was easy (2001) or i could just loosen the boots and spin it. My 07yz is another story, that carbs stuffed in there a bit more.

Mine is an 06 wr250 so I have more room around the carb, frame is not in the way. I will try to loosen the boots and rotate it a bit. From the manual it looks like from the banging, the float pin could have come out.

I've spent lots of time and penatrating oil on my swing arm bolt on my 07 yz250f air hammers on each side beating it did the trick...I now grease it every few rides

Did you developed any quicker way of getting to the swing arm? Or you just remove the bolt to grease it? You have to take apart half the bike to get to it.

BTW, I think I have to remove the carb to get to the floater. Bummer

ok, so the story is that if you have a WR or YZ before the aluminum frames (2007) then you can actually twist the carb once loosening the clamps and removing the hot start plunger.

Carb rotated - Carb Twisted.jpg

Bottom open - Bowlopen.jpg

Dirty - Dirty.jpg

Thanks all for suggestions. Problem seems to be solved after cleaning the dirt and putting everything back together.

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