How to get more power up top

I have a 2013 crf250r and installed a yoshi slip on. Helped the bottom end a lot but it just falls off in higher rpms now. I'm looking for a way to get the top end back and keep the bottom. Any way of doing that without remapping the ecu ?

you should have gotten the full system because the header is what changes a lot of power in most cases. And why not ecu... its the cheapest and probably the fastest easiest way to get hp

From the dyno charts they had on the site, i didn't see a noticeable difference in slip on versus full system. But riding I sure do. And cost played a role. But I just looked at Tokyo mods site and will probably have it remapped.

Hotcams stage 2?

i just got n 04 crf250r and its got a powerbomb header, fmf slip on, stage 2 hotcam, and Im not sure if the ecu has been upgraded. How can I tell? ( I know how stupid I sound)

its got awesome mid and topp, but even with the 13/53 sprocket setup it still seems too high geared, I wish 2nd was where 1st was, and I had a lower geared 1st for my local woods, when I try to crawl it just boggs out and stalls. Any ideas? whats the biggest rear sprocket available for the 250r?

my 13 i went with yosh rs4 full,stage 2 hotcam,v4orfce airbox and have been trying maps from eddie and tokyo mods,the cam takes a bit of bottom away i noticed but it for sure pulls up top better depending which maps used.i had a 11 with the exact same setup and it seamed like it didnt run out of steam as quick on the top but had less mid.iam guessing the changes to throttle body and head might play a roll in that.

You absolutely need a remap, no matter what.

I just took my bike out to the local ridding area( brown mountain orv park in western nc), and this thing is an absolute missle, it sucks bc u cant go slow around technical stuff like rocks and such, but at 7mph and up, u cant stop this beast, or slow it down, this is the most air Ive got since I started ridding, I cant wait to get back out there, but 1st and 2nd gear are so close on mine that a lower first is exactcly what I want to do to it considering I like every way it performs else where, im sure that this is all my bike needs and I will repost the outcome as soon as I order and install a new first

cam and remap

the heads one these bikes respond very well to porting also.

I went with a one tooth smaller sprocket, ( down to a 12 tooth), but it was eatin at me the way this thing was so powerful but would stall so easy at low rpms, I also got to thinking and the bike was previously used to race at almost 3000 feet elevation above where I live, so I decided to tinker with the carb, sure enough, it was way out of adjust ment, the fuel screw was even mangled like someone had went next to it with a screwdriver and bent it when they tried to turn it, ( which was understandible bc I thought it was on it too until I couldnt get a change in the idle and used a dental mirror to see the problem), after turning it till I liked it was the time to find out that it no longer had an abnormal stall, but the power part of the rev that used to be half way through is there as soon as u touch it, now my only problem is if u twist it too fast u will land on ur back side, I had to learn a steady slow roll is the proper way to accelerate if im too keep the front tire anywhere close to the ground in any gear, thanks for the replies, now all I need is a rekluse clutch for this one and the 02 crf450r that Im buying, Ive heard nothing but good about those things

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