Crf 450 almost done!

Looking pretty f'ING sexy. Just Need new seat,tires,radiators,and my numbers graphics(420) and alot of alittle shit for cosmetic reasons. The engine is mint new clutch basket and plates valves are replaced with titaniums ones not sure on brand came with bike but are in no Need of a shim, the piston, cam,rockers are all in great shape. Good Compression more pictures tommorow. Just had gotten done working on it late today.


ya my rod let go in my 450 2 weeks ago :banghead: but had a new crank rod bearings cylinder piston stator and valves the shop called me today and im picking it up tomorrow cant wait :ride:

the number 420? really?

the number 420? really?

Yeah really. Why? There my Lucky numbers and it just happens to be a holiday to potheads some luck.

ahh gotcha

run this in your 420 bike


run this in your 420 bike


Haha nice!

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