Just installed FCR 39....quick question on set up

Just installed FCR 39 kit from TT store using their specs. Carb had 1 turn out on fuel screw so I adjust to 2 as suggested. Bike has full exhaust, 3x3 and K&N

1st of all LOVE this thing ....WOW!

Anyone wondering if they should get one, Stop, and just do it!!!!!!

My question is when im riding and slow down or come to a stop it seems it slowly returns to idle. Its not real slow but definitely does not follow sync with throttle position if that makes sense....maybe lagging by about a second or 2. Is this just and FCR thing or does it sound like my fuel screw needs adjusting?


Are you sure your throttle is snapping closed?

You did remove the pilot air jet? Both top engine mounts on the left hand side..?...Cables are routed correctly with no sharp bends or kinks?

follow this procedure to set your fuel screw... http://www.thumperta...ad.php?t=327405

yes removed pilot air jet. I did not remove engine mounts, didnt see a need to. Cables routed correctly and not binding, throttle returns fine

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