bad play and slack in the drive sprocket

so today i noticed that my chain was kinda wondering around so when i got back from riding i pulled the chain gaurd off and checked the sprocket and shaft for play and the sprocket has quite a bit of play in it slides back and forth which cant be good, right? is there a shim or something that im missing that goes between the snap ring and sprocket to eliminate the play? searched the pt # on the sprocket and its the correct one and all. any helps great thx

Anyone? Is it supposed to be loose

Normal to be loose. If its really wiggly. Check for wear. Most importantly on your countershaft as its harder and more expensive to replace than sprockets and chains. The shaft splines should have good sharp crisp edges. As should the sprockets splines. If not by a new one and trash the old one. Install with grease to seal out water and dirt as they will promote wear. Keep up on properly tensioned chain. As long as chain guide and idler roller are good your system is solid

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