Getting float bowl gasket to seal

Are these gaskets held in by glue or silicone from factory?

ive taken the carb bowl off heaps before and never had problems with it leaking but when it finally tore I replaced it with an as new second hand one as a new one will take a while to arrive but theres no way it will seal with the scews done up tight. The float valve doesnt leak when closed

Any ideas? mabye a brand new one will do the trick but i think the gas is just finding its way under the u shaped indent

No glue is necessary, most would dissolve anyway. Are you installing the bowl with the carb on the work bench or while the carb is on the bike?

With the carb off the bike

Never had the gasket leak. That is all i use. You need a new gasket.

I've had the float get stuck open, which is a different issue.

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