1995 ktm 440 exc

Has anyone heard of someone putting a cr500 piston in a KTM 440?

i think you posted in the wrong section. but since im here ill give you the answer. there is some minor similarities between the pistons but alot of discrepencies. both diamters are 89mm although off the top of my head i dont know the EXACT measurments. 440 piston dome is alot flatter, its wrist pin height is alot higher and the wristpin width is all together different. this is only a few of the issues, theres more but i dont have time to go further into detail. in a nutshell no it wont work. theres really no need to cobble something like this anyways because you can buy wiseco 440 pistons. call this dude he has some http://www.seven4racing.com/

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