XR600r tire options

Havent been on the forum in some time now but me and a friend from work are planing on entering our first Hare Scramble around the first of June. Right now I have D756 tries front and rear and ive heard the D756 front wasnt that great of a tire, dont realy know for sure because ive not had that many tires on my bikes usualy all i could afford were what ever were on them when i bought them. I was wondering what tires you guys were running on your bikes. Probably good to note that im in eastern NC and the terrain varies widely but with out alot of rocks. Sandy, Loamy, mud, clay, grass is what i ride in mostly. Im looking for some realy confidence inspireing tires especialy front. Cost doesnt matter just looking for the best rubber to get me through a 1.5hr race. Devils Ridge will be the race im entering.

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